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How to connect your Amazon store with Shopperr?

In order to access our automation benefits, you must connect your Amazon seller account with your Shopperr account.

To connect your Amazon Seller account, please follow these steps:

Step 1 Log in to your Amazon Seller Central and navigate to Settings > User Permissions.

Step 2 On the User Permissions page, click the yellow button on the bottom – Authorize a Developer –like on the screenshot below:

Step 3 : Enter the following fields values on the opened page, just like on the screenshot below:

Developer’s Name : Shopperr

Developer ID: 0378-4969-9929

Step 4 Check “I agree” checkbox on the next page (confirming that you give Shopperr access to synchronize data to your amazon account) and click Next.

Step5 On the next page you will see your Amazon MWS API credentials, please copy and save your Seller ID and MWS Auth Token.

Step6Now log in to your Shopperr account and navigate to Marketplace > Marketplace API.

Step7Click Amazon logo on the opened page, then copy and paste Amazon Seller ID and MWS Auth Token from the page on step 5 into the appropriate fields.

Step8Click save connection.

Step9Now log in your Amazon seller central again and navigate to settings> user permission >Amazon MWS Developer Permissions, then Enable the Developer Access Confirmation like on the screenshot as below.

Step10Check your email for “Enable MWS Developer Access Confirmation” email from Amazon

-Open the email and click Enable Developer Access Confirmation button

-If you already confirmed MWS Developer Access earlier – you can skip this step

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