E27 Ultraviolet UV Lamp Home Ozone Disinfection Light Bulb with Remote

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Product Description


This UV lamp bulb can kill the bacteria in 30/60 minutes effectively as the sunlight power

Widely using and can be used on a bed, a room, the surface of an object or any other place that needs disinfection

Easy to use: can work in any regular screw-in E27 socket and no special connections required.

The remote control one allows you to control it easily and reduce light damage to the skin exposure

When this bulb lit, there will be a special smell like the sunlight, it means it worked, which is from burnt harmful smells by the UVC ray


Material: aluminum alloy + plastic

Wattage: 60w

Voltage: Support AC 85-265v (without Remote); 110V (with Remote)

Wavelength: 254nm UVC.

Service life: 50000 (H)

Appearance size: 50x 50 x 185 (mm).

Long distance: 0-60 feet.

Color: UV.

Installation interface: E27

Power: 60W single, 60W single + remote control (W).

Installation: Embedded

Package Includes:

1 x E27 60W UV Light Lamp Bulb


1. Do not expose your eyes and skin to light during work! !! !! You have to leave the room. (Including pets). And, you need to turn off the light bulb before approaching it! !! !!

2. Before the lamp starts to work, you may smell a special burnt smell in the air. That's the smell of harmful combustion particles in the air. Please do not worry.